PRR DREAMN OF PISTOLS (aka - "Quinton")

2015 Sorrel Tobiano Gelding

APHA Breeders Trust

Sire: Pistol Packin Frekles

Dam: PRR Dreamn Thru Class X CT Gallantly

Click on the link below to see video Oct 2017


 First Arena lope - 4th ride


Quinton 2



Quinton will be a big gelding, 15 hh as a 2 year old and quickly growing. He very personable with that laid back "pete" disposistion. Super nice all around, versatile gelding, the last of the breeders trust nominated. Big strong gelding that could double duty with some ranch work. Don't get much more laid back than this fellow.

He is a quick learner, and can go as slow or as fast as you need him to go. He has started his arena training this summer. Is staying nice and light in the bridle, leg yeilding, stated trail obstacles and staying super williing. 

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 First Big Arena lope - 4th ride





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Our doors are always open to visitors and we've got plenty of guest rooms here at the Ranch in St. Denis, Saskatchewan.

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The stallion stays with his mares year round at the ranch, and is just as gentle and kind as the old ranch geldings



PRR ONE MORE SCOTCH (a.k.a. Matthew)

 2011 Sorrel Tobiano Gelding, APHA Breeders Trust

 Sire: CT Gallantly, Dam: PRR Real Fancy Scotch (Scotch Bar Time)

 Matthew has APHA points in SMS, PAC ROM in western pleasure and trail challenge

Full brother to APHA Top 20 PRR Time For Scotch. Matthew is another great all-around gelding, sweet honest and willing. His dispostion reminds me of his older brother Justin. 

Building and fencing at the new ranch this year, has kept from the show pen but I've still had plenty of time to enjoy this gelding, he is the last of my CT Gallantly offpspring. We have done parades, some drill team and competed at the 2017SPHC Ranchers Trail Challenge, where he won the tough womens division and placed 2nd in senior horse (his first year as a senior). He is way to easy to ride and get along with, everyone loves him and enjoys riding him. He will replace Big Bill in his retirement. Matthew has already begun his role ponying yearlings and 2 year olds thru the country side. Him and Ralph have taken a shining to each other, and looks like he's here to stay.  

 2015 sms

   2015 lope 640x427